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Customize your own Rushbox!
A revolutionary arcade controller unlike any other.

You can set your favorite layout from a maximum of 18+6 buttons for your fingers, including thumb, palm heel, and left pinky finger!
Customize your own controller to match tournament regulations or add more buttons!
This is the ideal controller for fighting gamers to play games more intuitively.
Click here for the lower-priced Rushbox Lite.

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Customize the button layout best fit for you

You can change the button layout to suit your playing style best from a maximum of 18+6 buttons for your fingers, including thumb, palm heel, and left pinky finger.

Button layouts can be set as desired, arranging them in the same way as professional players, or adjusting the number of buttons for each game title. You can freely enjoy customizing the layout.

Button assignments can be changed from the settings site, allowing for customization in accordance with tournament regulations.

Original board equipped with GP2040-CE with minimal delay

Developed original board with low power and high performance RP2040 microcontroller chip with two independent cores. With a high polling rate of 1,000 Hz, more precise button input is possible, from instantaneous charging to smooth execution of complex motions.

High-quality key switches for enhanced gameplay

Equipped with the latest thin switches, Lofree Ghost, with an actuation point of 1.2mm and a total stroke of 2.8mm. This enables a slim body of approx. 13mm.

Additionally, the switches can be removed using the included special tool without opening the main unit, so you can easily replace the buttons by yourself in case of breakage.

Slim body designed with the perfect size for perfect comfort

The size is a palm-friendly A4, easy to handle.

With a weight of approx. 1.1 kg and a thickness of approx. 13 mm, the slim body is equipped with a wide non-slip sheet to prevent shifting when placed on your lap.

Ergonomically designed structure

The smooth curve is designed to fit the wrist with ergonomic consideration.

The top panel is made of matte acrylic, making it smooth and dry, preventing it from getting sticky even with sweaty hands.

Tournament mode designed for competition

Tournament mode locks buttons unrelated to the match. You can easily switch to tournament mode by simply sliding a switch, even during a competition.

*Please check the regulations when participating in tournaments and make sure to set the buttons according to the regulations.
By default, the Start and Home buttons are disabled, preventing disqualification due to inadvertent presses.

Type-C and Type-A connectors

The connector is the widely-used USB Type-C, compatible with PCs and Switch consoles.
The Rushbox also includes a USB Type-A connector and supports PS/Xbox pass-through,
enabling its use with PS/Xbox systems when connected to compatible devices.

Insert a graphic sheet and give your Rushbox a new look.

Remove the top plate to insert a graphic sheet.
Decorate with your favorite graphics or cherished stickers!

*Only possible with the Rushbox.
Rushbox Lite does not have a removable top plate.

Customize the switches for even faster performance

The key switches on the Rushbox can be customized easily.
By installing O-rings inside the switches and adjusting the contacts, you can change the stroke and actuation point.
This customization improves quietness, making it suitable for playing at night without disturbances.
*Customization and maintenance kit is available.

Rushbox series lineup


A high-end model crafted from lightweight, durable aluminum, designed to withstand professional use and resist deterioration

Rushbox Lite

An entry-level model made of plastic, ideal for leverless beginners and casual players